Mode Parcours Brussels

On 24, 25 and 26 October 2014, MAD Brussels (Mode And Design Center) is hosting the 14th edition of its Mode Parcours. Over the years, the Parcours has become one of the major events promotiong Avant Garde fashion in Brussels, in Belgium and even beyond. During these 3 days visitors will discover installations of 45 designers showing their newest fashion collections, as well as performances, fashion shows, concerts and evening activities during the late night opening on Friday night.

mode parcours

The artistic director of this edition, Frédérick Denis, invited all designers to think about the central theme ‘Citizenship’, or the relationship between designer and the city. After all, creating fashion is strongly influenced by citizenship, in this case the relation between a person and the urban environment around him. How does the city that you live in influence your creativity? The essence of this Mode Parcours is to celebrate the diversity and the variety of the world around us.

On the Place Nouveau Marché aux Grains, visitors will also discover the exhibition ‘Citizenship’, realised by Frédérick Denis and photographer Jimmy Kets (De Standaard, De Morgen). This expo visualizes fashion, citizenship and the city, seen through the eyes of fashion designers. Inspired by Brussels as a city, Denis explains his inspiration source as follows: “For a long time now Brussels has been considered as one of the ‘3B’s’ (Brussels, Berlin and Barcelona), which are all three attractive, creative and inspiring cities. However what does this mean exactly? That’s what I wanted to focus on in the exhibition ‘Citizenship’.”

You can find more info about this not-to-mis fashion event on the website of MAD.


Crayon exhibition “Mine de rien”

Graffiti artists of pencils are used to taking over every inch of walk space in Brussels – they’ve been marking the city in their very own way for more than 4 years. You can’t miss it, unless you’re used to staring at your feet while walking… Pencil graffiti are an integral part of Brussels’ urban landscape. Who’s behind them? Nobody knows. There are probably several artists that sneak around at night to anonymously graffiti pencils on different facades, store shutters, and electronic units.

mine de rien

Today, the pencil graffiti artists have temporarily stopped their escapades in the public space. With spray can in hand, they raise the curtain on a new aspect of their crayons with the exhibition Mine de Rien. Far from the haphazardly traced graffiti created in the dark, this time they have taken their time… It’s all about showing the people of Brussels another side of their work.

The expo “Mine de Rien” (meaning “playing it cool”) can be visited on Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays from 2pm to 6pm up until October 26th. It’s your last chance this week! For those who want to go a little deeper into the pencil mystery, guided visits are organized by a specialist on Saturday (sign up via

The expo is at 33 Rue van Hoorde in Schaerbeek. More info can be found here.

Bozar Night 2014

The Bozar Night, which takes place on November 11th at the Center for Fine Arts in Brussels, offers a whole night of electronic music. It’s the perfect getaway for music-lovers! During this event, both aficionados and adventurous newcomers can get acquainted with a whole range of artists such as Fennesz, Helena Hauff, Shxcxchcxsh, Black Rain, Ninos du Brasil, Acid Kirk,…

Bozar Night 2014

You can take part in the exhibitions “Sensation and Sensuality. Rubens and his legacy.” and “Paintings from Siena. Ars narrandi in Europe’s Gothic age.”. Guides will be present to answer your questions during these exhibitions between 8pm and 10pm. The exhibitions are accessible till 00:30.

In the Victor Horta Hall you can also see Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski‘s renowned video installation Rubens-Metamorphoses. This video installation evokes the theatricality of baroque painting through the work of Peter Paul Rubens, focusing on the body and the tension between movement and the pose. The tableaux follow on from one another, merging as the actors’ different incarnations appear. A gesture, a look or an impulse allow a smooth flow from one fragment to the next. You can have a sneak preview here. Are you curious yet?

So many things to see and to do… And there’s more good news, because it all costs next to nothing! So write down 11 November in your agenda immediately… See you then?!

More information is to be found on the website of Bozar.

1000 years of Brussels

Until November 27, the mezzanine of the Halles Saint-Géry in Brussels is holding an exhibition that focuses on the history of 1000 years Brussels. In this entertaining expo, you can follow the history of Brussels step by step through time from the Middle Ages to present day-places, people, events…

brussels 1000 jaar

How long has Manneken-Pis been relieving himself? What do the 9 spheres of the Atomium actually represent? Who destroyed the Grand Place in 1695 with a shower of bombs? The exhibition Bruxelles, 1000 ans d’histoire(s) answers all these questions. You’ll get the know all the ins and outs of our lovely capital city!

The expo is organized like a game of hopscotch that you follow through the time periods. The ground is scattered with circular carpets, and visitors can meander beneath dozens of paper lanterns. Each time period is represented by a color, from the Middle Ages to the modern times. As a very visually appealing display, this expo is appropriate for everyone to discover 1000 years of Brussels history in a fun and informal way.


This exhibition comes after the publication of the book Bruxelles, l’Histoire en histoires by Rudi Vervoort, which was published in February 2014 in French and Dutch.

Wanna know more? Check the website!

Sufi Night at Bozar

On Saturday 25 October, Bozar Brussels is the place to be. Join in for the 7th edition of the Sufi Night and (re)discover the beauties of classical Islamic music! Marouane Hajji will represent Morocco and the Zikir Meclisi band will share the traditions of Turkey’s Kadiri dervishes, while singers Farida Parveen and Fakir Tuntun Shah will perform songs in the characteristic style of the Baul, the mystic minstrels of Bangladesh. In addition, Senegalese members of the Mouride brotherhood will recite poems as a tribute to Cheikh Amadou Bamba and there will also be a dance spectacle, called “Le Trait”, by Algeria’s Nacera Belaza, as well as a talk by philosopher and Sufi master Ömer Tuorul Ynançer.
marouane hajji

Marouane Hajji








The event kicks off at 5 pm with the lecture of renowned media figure and scholar Ömer Tuğrul İnançer, who will talk about Mevleni and Kadiri rituals and their meaning (in Turkish, with English translation). At 6:30 pm, you can attend dance performance “Le Trait”, in which 3 sorts of choreography are stringed together (Le Cercle, Le Coeur et l’Oubli, La Nuit).

Then at 8 pm, the concerts finally start! Farida Parveen mainly brings songs from Lalon Geeti by Baul (mystic minstril) Fakir Lalon Shah, whose songs were popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Fakir Tuntun Shah joins her. The 15 musicians of Zikir Meclisi bring Turkish religious music that already has been performed for hundreds of years in the Kadiri branch of Sufism. Ndour Mbaye recites the mystical poems of Amadou Bama, the “khassaïdes”. He is accompanied by the singers of the brotherhood Serigne Fall Abdourahmane Siby. And the star of the evening is the Moroccon Marouane Hajji, a young prodigy of the Sufi song, and a composer and performer as well. Marouane Haji won the first prize at the third session of the national festival of the singers of Fez in 1998.


Farida Parveen

Want more info about the promising Sufi Night? Check it out here!


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