The new Hatter in town!

Lovely couple Lalou & Dimitri left Greece 4 years ago. Recently they opened a small boutique in Brussels. She creates hats, and he makes furniture. Lalou went to study the art of design and creating hats in UK where she had the privilege to work with the creator of  hats for the royal family. You are probably asking yourself what hats and furniture have to do with each other, the answer is pretty simple: nothing. But they both have the same philosophy and only use sustainable and natural materials. Don’t be afraid to stop by their small but charming shop!


Moutstraat 5 rue de la Braie, Brussels

Lalou la Modiste & Dimitri de Meubelmaker on Facebook page:




Brent Wadden @Almine Rech Gallery

For his first exhibition at the Almine Rech Gallery in Brussels titled ‘The Decline’ Brent Wadden inspired himself from the movie ‘The Decline of Western Civilization’. The new paintings from his ongoing “Alignment” series embody the counterculture rejectionist spirit documented by Penelope Spheeris for her 1981 chronicle of Los Angeles’s punk scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s. This rather one of a kind exhibition is really worth a visit if you are interested in discovering all the side of the punk movement woven into artistic objects by Brent Wadden.


23rd of April until the 24th of May



the decline

Soft Measures @WIELS!

André Tehrani and Anthea Buys are two curators, who have elaborated a group of young Italian, Norwegian, South African and American artists to exhibit their works  for the project space at WIELS. The exhibition foregrounds the obscure but nevertheless central impulses that inform artistic production: the gut-feeling discrimination which gives preference to this over that, often as a result of a  fetishistic or visual attraction to a specific quality or surface. Soft Measures explores the possibility of curating as inhabiting and working through a sensual logic, rather than corralling works into a discursive structure. The purpose of this approach is to stage a shift in the dominance of discourse over visual and sensory properties in both artistic production and exhibition-making.

Where :

WIELS, Contemporary Art Centre
Av. Van Volxemlaan 354, 1190 Brussels


As from now until the 11th of May

More information:



Wayne’s World

wayne's world

In the near future, every art collector will have a screen at home showing works, which move within their frames. Hotel BLOOM! has invited the No New Enemies network to curate a selection of video artworks on our premises as we beat the trends. First up is Willehad Eilers. Eilers is the creator of Wayne Horse Enterprises, and one of the most subversive and humoristic artists to graduate from the Rijksakademie in recent years. His work includes illustration, installation, video and performance based works. These have been honored in museums, festivals and non-traditional art spaces around the world.  Hotel Bloom is proud to offer guests a selection of Eilers’ unique films and video clips like the ‘Ill Mannered Milkman,’ two decades of White Suit cameos, and works from his recent exhibition ‘Das Paradies,’ at Harlan Levey Projects. If you’d like to know more about Willehad, there’s a recent TV interview here, and an older interview here. Of course, you can always go right to the source and visit Wayne Horse Enterprises. Not sleeping over at our hotel? No problem, Willehad’s works are also playing in our lounge and he will make a special appearance here in May ;-)

Karel Verhoeven: Parking spaces

We see them every day: funny and improvised constructions by inhabitants to make sure their parking spot will stay free for them. This amusing urban movement has captured the attention of artist Karl Verhoeven, who thought it had enough potential to make a project out of it. Everybody can participate by sending picture of such installations to You can also come and visit the installations made by Karel Verhoeven at Ursulinenstraat 23 rue des Ursulines, Brussel/Bruxelles

More information:

karel verhoeven

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