Customisez-Moi / 8 & 9 November 2014

afficheCustomisez-Moi”, developed by Bernard Gavilan, is a contest of fashion customization in which autodidacts and fashion school students take part. Ten finalists will showcase their customized collection during an exciting catwalk show and will be judged by industry professionals.

NEW: this year there is also a free “Custom Market” during the 2 days where you can buy the work of talented designers, participate in workshops and see a photo exposition.

More information on:

Custom Market: Saturday + Sunday
13:00 – 20:00 custom market clothes x workshops x photo exposition

Customisez-Moi Show: Saturday
20:00 – Exhibition of TAO’s price
21:30 – The Final – SHOW
22:30 – “La Petite Robe Noire” de Guerlain
23:30 – And the winner is?
00:00 – After party in SmoodS

DJ sets by
Romance Moderne, Sofie (L-Fêtes), Olivier Tjon (Goodlife),
John Noseda (Magic, Club69, Kitch Club), Bernard & Bernard (BlackLight)

Tickets in presale €10 at:
BERNARD GAVILAN SHOP /146 rue Blaes 1000 Brussels
Tickets at the entrance €15


Mark Leckey in WIELS

Many artists also act as a curator once in their life-long career. So does the British 2008 Turner Prize winning artist Mark Leckey with his exposition Lending Enchantment to Vulgar Materials in WIELS Contemporary Art Center (Brussels). It is Leckey’s largest exhibition so far. The title comes from a letter by Guillaume Apollinaire, in which he claims that what he and filmmaker Georges Méliès do is “lend enchantment to vulgar materials”; Leckey identifies a similar impulse at the heart of his practice. And that is precisely what the exhibition highlights by bringing together new and older pieces in each of the media the artist has worked in. Spread across two floors of Wiels as well as the auditorium, the exhibition features nearly all of the artist’s videos, including Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore, the iconic 1999 video of dance hall youth culture that first brought the artist to fame, and other videos that have been rarely shown, alongside key sculptural works from the last decade, providing a long overdue survey of Leckey’s remarkable oeuvre.

mark leckey

In addition to these works that look back and reveal how deeply influential the artist has been to a younger generation of artists, “Lending Enchantment to Vulgar Materials” includes a major new installation occupying the entire first floor of Wiels. It acts as an exhibition within the exhibition. Entitled UniAddDumThs, the installation is a life-sized copy of The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things, a traveling exhibition Leckey curated in 2013. When asked to think about including (which is to say, redoing) “Universal Addressability” as part of his large-scale survey exhibition at WIELS, the artist provocatively proposed, instead, to construct a physical copy or “dupe”, as he likes to call it, of the whole exhibition. The result is UniAddDumThs, comprised of various 3D printed copies, 2D cardboard cut-outs, photographic reproductions, and other forms of replicas of the original objects in “Universal Addressability”, returning the “real” borrowed artworks to their previous status as digital information. This project, like Leckey’s larger oeuvre, testifies to the artist’s fascination with things both material and immaterial, precious and ‘vulgar’, and his exploration with how these relate to and even construct our desires, fantasies, identities and memories.


“Mark Leckey: Lending Enchantment to Vulgar Materials” is organised by WIELS and made in collaboration with the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina-Madre, Naples and Kunsthalle Basel. The Museo Madre will stage a seminar in connection with the project (winter 2014-15) and UniAddDumThs will travel to Kunsthalle Basel (March 5-May 31, 2015).

The expo can be visited at WIELS Brussels until 11 January 2015. Check out the website for more information.


Possest(s), a group exhibition

A few steps away from Hotel BLOOM! a group-exhibition called Possest(s) bring together a variety of artists sharing a sensibility for the cinematic language. Proceeding from sole observations to carefully staged situations, their works offer multiple visual experiences, which each in its own particular manner, expresses a singular relationship to time and its durations. The exhibition is curated by Guy Giraud & Stefan Piat.

You can discover the works of the following artists: Jean-Marc Andrieu, Silvia Bakker, Thomas Bernardet, Marc Buchy, Michel Couturier, Paul Destieu, Pieter Geenen, Jerôme Giller, Guy Giraud, Yannick Guédon, Wouter Huis, Nicolas van Kerkhove, Luce Moreau, objet(s) d’échange, Stéfan Piat & Brigitte Hoornaert, Peter Snowdon, Satoru Toma.

From 18 October till 15 November
Thursday – Saturday / 14:00 – 18:00

Greylight Projects Brussels
Brialmontstraat 11 Rue de Brialmont,
1210 Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode

Check out the website for more information.


Filem’on Children’s Film Festival

In 2014, Filem’on, the Brussels International Children’s Film Festival, celebrates its 8th birthday! During the autumn holidays, until Sunday 3 November, the Brussels movie theatres Cinema Nova, Aventure, Cinematek, GC Everna, GC De Pianofabriek, GC Ten Weyngaert and Espace Delvaux welcome all children between the age of 3 and 15 for some unforgettable film entertainment. The program is richer than ever before: more than 80 short and feature-length films in different styles and genres, from all over the world!


This year’s theme is WILD. This is why some movies can be seen in the distinguished company of some huge dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural Sciences. According to the theme, the festival bathes in an unrestrained atmosphere with fierce decorations, a large number of thematic workshops and events, some amazing film classics and a theater show mixing the sound of old grammophones with magic lanterns and fairy-like images. Don’t forget to take part in Filem’on’s photo contest as well. You can win 2 free movie tickets!

For all practical information about the program, opening hours and rates, check out the website. Need we say more? Take your kids and just go there!

Tardi & The Great War

Until the end of November, the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels will be home to the touring exhibition about Jacques Tardi, which kicked off on the first day of the Comics Festival. Tardi is one of the most famous and highly respected Francophone comic book authors, and for the last 40 years, with “Putain de Guerre!” (God damn this war!) and “C’était la Guerre des Tranchées” (It was the war of the trenches), Jacques Tardi has focused his work on the First World War.


Jacques Tardi has produced many antiwar graphic novels and comics, mainly focusing on the collective European trauma of The Great War, and the pitfalls of patriotism spawned several albums. His grandfather’s involvement in the day-to-day horrors of trench warfare seems to have had a deep influence on his artistic expression. Although his tales are fictional, his dedication to truthfulness is a key to his work and offers a human perspective on the conflict, which makes it stand out from a more traditional “heroic” version.


You can check out this interesting  exhibition until 23 November at Bozar Brussels (rue Ravenstein). All practical information is to be found on the website.

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