Street art in Hotel BLOOM!

When it comes to graffiti, Belgium street artist, Bue the Warrior, is in a league of his own. He is singlehandedly turning the concrete jungles of Belgium into a colourful, happy, whimsical world that is inhabited by a whole race of friendly-faced creatures. But his magic doesn’t stop outside of Belgium. His work can also be spotted in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, France, New York City and Los Angeles. He has expressed himself creatively in the lobby of hotel BLOOM! 

After the great work of Bue the Warrior in the lobby, hotel BLOOM! has attracted another Belgian Street Artist, A Squid called Sebastian, to give the fitness area a new look!

Born in the USA, raised in Belgium. A Squid Called Sebastian is a street artist who turned his back on the advertisement industry and chose to focus on his own vision. Give him a space and he will turn it into a colorful, bold place with his own story in it. And it doesn’t stop in Belgium. He has painted murals in 11 different countries, participated in multiple group domestic and foreign shows.

The results are great!


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