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14-18 Brussels on German Time

To commemorate the centenary of the First World War, the Museum of the City of Brussels presents the exhibition 14-18 Brussels on German Time. During the war, for 50 months, the people of Brussels did their best to survive an oppressive regime by occupation forces. They lived on German Time, 60 minutes ahead of Belgian time, and their days were interspersed with multiple orders from the occupier. Subjected to the British blockade, Germany very quickly lost everything and helped itself to Belgian resources to support its war effort.


This exposition focuses on life in wartime cities. What was daily life like for the people of Brussels and the inhabitants of major German cities? What was the experience on both sides of the conflict, a major break-up in the evolution of European societies? For those interested in the war, this is a not-to-miss expo!

A lady who lived in Brussels in 1917 witnesses: “Among the many sufferances we had to bear, our despots imposed German time. We never adopted it. But in Brussels, the public clocks had to be set to it. This measure was the inspiration behind a little song in which it was said that by moving time forward by an hour, the enemy was only managing to bring forward our victory by an hour.”


Caricature: “Podeferdeck, ça est un bazar avec toutes ces heures!”

The expo is also very suited for families. Armed with a booklet, children (from 8 years) can follow a route that takes the form of a treasure hunt. A numbered Belgian flag helps them to easily identify the exhibition pieces that are included in the hunt. Each number sends them to an introductory text and a question will test their observation skills. In this way, children have the opportunity to have fun while finding out about the memorable aspects of the daily life of residents of Brussels and the inhabitants of German cities during the Great War.

You can visit “14-18 Brussels on German Time” until 3 May 2015. Entrance fee is 5 €. More info can be found on the website of the Museum of the City of Brussels.


Belgian Beer Weekend: our national drink in the picture

The Knighthood of the Brewers’ Mashstaff and the Belgian Brewers, in collaboration with the City of Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region, organize the 16th edition of the Belgian Beer Weekend from Friday 5 until Sunday 7 September 2014.

The Grand Place of Brussels will serve once more as decor for this event entirely dedicated to our Belgian national drink. You will have the opportunity to enjoy one or more excellent Belgian beers in one of the most beautiful settings in the world.

beer weekend

Throughout the weekend several small, medium-sized and large Belgian breweries (see list of participants) offer you a wide range of their products, which allows you to discover and taste the different kinds of beers that stand for the well-known reputation of our country.

Entrance is free. You pay for your beers with specially designed BBW-crowncorks (1 €/crowncork) that are sold at the cash desks or around the Grand Place.

New as of this year is the ‘Proud of our Beers’ site (‘Fiers de nos Bières’) behind the Stock Exchange Building, just a few steps away from the Grand Place. Here you can taste delicious Belgian beers in 75cl bottles in good company. Bottles are sold by the piece, intended for immediate consumption and presented in a magnificent ice bucket with ‘Fiers de nos Bières’-tasting glasses. All this is offered in a lounge atmosphere, with music, beer tasting demonstrations and info sessions presenting key figures from the brewing world. In this way, you can learn more about the brewing industry while enjoying a Belgian beer with friends. The perfect combination, quoi?

beer weekend 3

The Belgian Beer Weekend takes place from 5 to 7 September at the Grand Place in Brussels. More info is to be found on the website. See you then?


20 years Christa Reniers

2014 is an anniversary year for jewelry designer Christa Reniers: she’s celebrating 20 years of creation, 20 years of inspiration! To celebrate this impressive landmark, she made a selection of 20 of her most iconic rings, the so-called 20/20 retrospective. These are the designs that have contributed the most to the successes of the brand Christa Reniers. They represent the true  spirit of Christa’s work, and will be given a central place in the shop in Brussels (at Sablon) this fall.


The 20 icons will also be starring during Design September, which turns Brussels into a buzzy meeting platform for many Belgian and international creators and designers. Come and explore this intriguing urban circuit full of new creations and discoveries. Throughout the month of September, participating stores, pop-up shops and iconic design flagship stores will showcase a brand or a designer in a particular fashion. Design September is the ultimate setting for Christa’s designs!

So it’s very clear that September will be a big month for Reniers fans, and for all design lovers in general! Come check it out from 9 to 30 September! More info on the website.


Moreover, Christa Reniers’ designs will be part of The Power of Objects, an exhibition on Belgian design in the ING Cultural Centre on Place Royale. On top of that, the icons will be the subject of an exclusive catalogue, an absolute must have for all Christa Reniers lovers.

‘The Power of Objects’, from September 4 till mid January 2015, at the ING Cultural Center, Place Royale 6, Brussels.

Shop Christa’s jewels at rue Lebau 61, 1000 Brussels, Tue-Sat 12.30pm-6.30pm & Sun 1pm-6.30pm

christa reniers




Save The Date for Bozar Electronic Arts Festival 2014

After just two editions, the BOZAR Electronic Arts Festival (BEAF) is already a reference for lovers of the electronic arts. BEAF attracts both specialists and the general public with artists who exploit the lightning pace of technological developments in order to express their ideas. In the unique setting of the Center for Fine Arts, these artitst mix music, performances, installations, workshops and conferences into a fascinating whole.

You will become acquainted with world-famous names, but you are bound to come across new discoveries as well. For example, the fragile tones of Nils Frahm, the almost physical sound castles of Ben Frost or the intense dark ambient of Mondkopf, and the absolutely unique, whirlwind style of Fuck Buttons. From the start, you are immersed in a festive mood thanks to the sounds of electronic prodigy Max Cooper or the surprising Young Echo collective. You can also view art work by Quayola, Felix Luque Sánchez or renowned architect Luc Deleu.

The artists also ask the question whether scientists, researchers and artists can mean something to each other. A study commissioned by the European Commission shows for the first time the finest examples hereof in a fascinating series of presentations. In the Center for Fine Arts, a surprising and intense three-day event packed with electronic arts awaits you!

bozar electronic arts festival 14

Dates: Thurday 25 to Sunday 29 Sept 2014

Place to be: BOAZR Center for Fine Arts, Rue Ravenstein, Brussels

Check the website for the full program and schedule of concerts, performances, installations and workshops

Arik Levy Presents Artview at Atomium Brussels


Contemporary art is sometimes subject to prejudices. It often surprises, delights, puzzles or irritates, but it seldom leaves anyone indifferent. ARTVIEW is presented as part of Art Brussels and Design September. The original ambition of ARTVIEW is to get acquainted as much with those who love contemporary art as with those who create it.

ARTVIEW is not an exhibition in the strict sense of the word. It’s an annual focus on the work of artists, on what moves them, what drives them, what surprises them and what touches them. It’s a lively dialogue between artists and collectors, but above all between collectors and everyone with an interest in contemporary art. Held at the Atomium, ARTVIEW provides an intimate and subjective view of an artistic passion. It’s an intuitive, spontaneous and playful art selection for a wide audience.


Artist Arik Levy, initiator of ARTVIEW, says: “This is not a thematic exhibition, nor a retrospective. I wanted to create an experience, an interaction among the Atomium, the space around it and the public. Three outdoor sculptures installed on the square overlook the Atomium building and connect the 2 giant benches of the grounds. The monumental RockGrowth, which for the first time appears in a colored version with reflecting ends, sits side by side to a Crater and a RockStone. This trilogy of sculptures tells a visual and emotional story about the evolution of my narrative: from the RockStoneBlast, that confronts us to an opaque mass, to the CraterRed that speaks of internal feelings and transparency, to the monumental RockGrowth, we walk towards an expansion with no limit. As an echo of the visual presence of the Atomium, this piece talks about development, growth, joy and energy.”

The exhibition consists of different connected parts: an outdoor part, containing the major part of the exhibition, and an indoor one, partly evocative and partly explanatory. The indoor part shows in the 3 large-scale showcases, a selection of small sculptures, paintings and other elements. Another smaller showcase presents the RockGrowth creation process and the ‘making of’ of it. A photographic depiction of the central piece’s installation features at the end of the exhibition.

Check out ARTVIEW at Atomium Brussels until 30 September!

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