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Enjoy a 5€ lunch break concert at Midis-Minimes!

Great news for music lovers! Until August 29th the Midis-Minimes Festival offers you a 35 minute lunch break concert every week day in the Brussels Minimes Church and the Royal Conservatory. The program is based on two principal drivers: diversity and quality. There’s a wide variety of artists to discover, from Belgium and abroad, young talents, experienced musicians,… In short, it’s a very eclectic program that explores little -known repertoires and freedom of interpretation. So much to disover!

midis minimes

Like every year, each day of the week has its central theme. Monday is dedicated to music from all over the world, Tuesday is the day for music from before the 1700s and Wednesday focuses on 18th century music. Thursday is centered around the 19th century and to close the week, Friday feautures well-known contemporary composers from the 20th century. You like? Then you definitely have to attend one of these unique lunch break concerts!

So here’s some practical stuff:

Where? Conservatoire Royal de Musique
When? Up until 29 August, every week day at 
12:15 pm – you’re advised to arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the start of the concert
35 minute lunch break concerts
How much?
5 € - different pass formulas are possible 
More info?


Summer Of Photography: Pepa Hristova

In northern Albania live the last sworn virgins of Europe, called burrneshas. They’re women who take a vow of eternal chastity and wear male clothing in order to live as men in a patriarchal society. The Bulgarian photographer Pepa Hristova, one of the must-sees during the Summer of Photography, portrayed those “women” in her book Sworn Virgins.

The Kanun, a collection of Albanian laws from the middle ages, allows families to make a woman head of the family after the death of a patriarch. The only conditio sine qua non is that she swears eternal virginity. And when no sons are born in a family, parents can also decide to raise a daughter as a true son.


Women who choose to live as a burrnesha receive the status and the rights of a man. They are respected within the community. They dress and behave as men, and do male jobs as well. “The sworn virgins play their role so well that they finally don’t even get recognized as women anymore, except by their families. They lose all kind of femininity. Some of them even don’t menstruate anymore as a result of their male behavior. I found all this very fascinating to see. When I first photographed a burrnesha and spent the night at her house, I started to doubt myself if she really was a woman. Only at the moments when I wasn’t photographing them, they showed themselves very vulnerable – a sign of their femininity after all,” says Hristova.

Some practical information:

* Pepa Hristova: “Sworn Virgins”

* Date: from 10/7 to 3/8

* Place: Bozar Centre for Fine Arts, Ravensteinstraat 23, Brussels

In short, an exposition that’s definitely worth visiting!

All Roads Lead To Rome: Cinema All’Italiana

Recently Italy became the new President of the European Union. Cinéma Galeries and Cinematek found that the perfect occasion to embrace the country of Rome and Fellini and organize L’Heure d’Eté, a summer festival centered around la cinema all’Italiana. Here you can discover a mix of old and recent Italian movies, for example this year’s Oscar Winner for Best Foreign Language Film – La Grande Belleza. At Cinéma Galeries, over 30 films about “la bella Italia” are screened, and you can also see some of those movies outdoor at Bruxelles-les-Bains. A unique opportunity!

The main character in all programmed movies is the eternal city of Rome. You can see famous comedies as Dino Risi’s Il sorpasso and I mostri, and Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Mamma Roma starring the mythical Italian actress Anna Magnani. Also on the program is Monicelli’s Risate di gioia, and of course Roman holiday, the world-famous romantic comedy of William Wyler with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. Thanks to this movie and la Hepburn – IT-girl avant la lettre – in particular, scooter brand Vespa got an enormous sales boost!

roman holiday

Or what do you think about Sergio Leone’s western For a fistful of dollars, with Clint Eastwood in an iconic role als ‘uomo senza nome’, and Jean-Luc Godards modern-day masterpiece Le mépris, starring Brigitte Bardot? There’s plenty of choice, so just go have a look and you really won’t be dispappointed!

Here’s some practical information:

L’Heure d’Eté:

- Date: from 4/7 until 10/8, at 18:00, 20:00 en 21:00

- Tickets: €6,5 (pass: €25/40)

- Place to be: Cinéma Galeries, Koninginnegalerij 26, Brussels


- Date: from 17/7 until 10/8, at 22:00

- Tickets: free entrance

- Place to be: Bruxelles-les-Bains,  Akenkaai, Brussels

Want more information? Check out the website of L’Heure d’Eté and Bruxelles-les-Bains!

Buon viaggio a la bella Italia!

Celebrate Flemish Community Day at Brussel Danst!

On July 11th, we celebrate the Day of the Flemish Community. This is the perfect occasion for a party in the city at Brussel Danst, a free dance festival centered around the famous Brussels Grand Place and the renowned Place de la Monnaie. Each location focuses on a particular kind of music: Latin American rhythms at Grand place, while Place de la Monnaie will be immersed in cool urban vibes. There are also many festivities in the numerous Brussels community centers.

The Brussels Grand Place will really be the place to be. You can attend a dance class by vzw UNIK on the rhythms of O Sarracino. At night, the Belgian legendary singer Rocco Granata will give an unforgettable live performance together with dj Buscemi. They sing and play the music, the only thing you have to do is dance… You really don’t wanna miss this!

At Place de la Monnaie, you can witness a Dance Battle in the afternoon and have a look at some unique projects like the Fire-Line skate project, Skate&Street Art and Live Textile Printing. Furthermore, hiphop band Uberdope will give a crazy performance on stage, and there are numerous demonstrations in freerunning, urban circus acts, freestyle BMX, rope skipping and capoeira – to name just a few. You can also admire the creative works of many designers. Just go have a look, be amazed and immerse yourself in the urban lounge vibes!



Wanna party all night long? No problem: from 11pm onwards up until the break of dawn there’s a party at Place de la Monnaie with dj’s TLP & Lefto. And for those who are hungry, there’s a range of food trucks with all kinds of dishes nearby, so you can refuel yourself to dance the night away!

Thirty years ago Rosas, the dance ensemble of bruxelloise Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker established itself with the performance ‘Rosas danst Rosas’. With ‘Re:Rosas! The fABULEUS Rosas Remix Project’ the world-renowned choreographer invites people to make up their own ‘remix’ of the famous chair choreography, make a movie and post it on the website of Rosas. Nice challenge, don’t you think? Brussel Danst strongly supports this project!

For more information about the program of Brussel Danst, check out their website.

Have a splendid Flemish Community Day!

Museum of Broken Relationships now in Brussels

Did you ever experience a painful break-up? Maybe you also have stuff lying around that reminds you of your ex? A Croation ex-couple, Olinka and Dražen, came up with the idea to open a Museum dedicated to Broken Relationships. They first asked friends to donate items of their ex-partner as a joke, and the concept grew from there. There is a permanent Museum in Zagreb, but the Museum of Broken Relationships now also tours around the world and they’ve finally arrived in Brussels at the Parlementarium.

Before the exhibition they also asked people from Brussels to donate, and 43 people added their contribution to the existing exhibition. Amongst those items a race bike, a coin for the laundry shop and even a hand embroidered boxershort… Expect an emotional rollercoaster! For example you’ll discover a broken record, and there’s a sad story behind it. A men leaves his wife after many years of marriage for another woman. He owns a very extendend record collection, and she asks if she can keep one record that has sentimental value to her, but he refuses it and she’s so angry and sad that she destroys it… But a real tearjerker is the mourning picture that a young girl  from Brussels added to the collection. On the picture her 24 year old boyfriend who became ill and died.

Luckily there are also funny stories like the un-used toothbrush that someone brought with him during a second date…a bit too optimistic :-)

Really an exhibition that you may not miss, and it’s a free one btw!

museum of broken relationships

From 16th of June until 17th of October
Monday 13h-18h
Tuesday – Friday: 9h-18h
Saturday – Sunday: 10h-18h

Willy Brandt-gebouw
Wiertzstraat 60
1047 Brussels

More information:
- Official Website “Museum of Broken Relationships”
- Website of the Parlementarium where the exhibition is hosted

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