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Manuel Francisco Murillo Perdomo, aka 13Pulsions, was born in Brussels, from an Italian mother and a Colombian father. After his debut as a graffiti artist, he currently expresses himself through paintings and the creation of fashion accessories or elements of decoration, using acrylic colours, sprays and markers. 13Pulsions takes part in numerous exhibitions, mainly in Brussels, but in Barcelona and Milan as well. The street is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the painter Manuel Francisco Murillo. His a-typical characters are the results of chance encounters on the road, in different cities of the world. Their faces, often with dark complexions and intense expressions, communicate human interest stories. For his portraits Manuel Francisco makes use of the graffiti technique in keeping with his artistic origins related to the urban fabric. With his passion forpsychology and the study of human psyche, Manuel Francisco injects life into his women and men who are portrayed as unique and at the same time complex characters. And guess what? He will be displaying at Hotel BLOOM!

On the 24th of April Manuel will be your host as from 6pm until 8pm for the opening cocktail. Come and join us!

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Manuel Francisco Murillo Perdomo



Brussels International Guitar Festival & Competition – 3rd edition


It is already time for the third edition of this unique event, a not-to-be-missed rendezvous of guitar aficionados in Belgium and Brussels, the capital of Europe.  In the wonderful setting of the Espace Magh, right in the heart of the city, the 2014 festival offers a series of classical guitar concerts focused on travel and inter-cultural dialogue. In the skilled hands of internationally renowned artists from round the world, the classical guitar with its six, ten or thirteen strings, in solo, duo, quartet or ensemble, in association either with flamenco, jazz, arabo-andalusian music or an oud, will delight the public.


25th of April until the 29th of April

Have a look at the full program:

Aeroplastics’ Full House

One house. Over a hundred artists. From paintings and drawings to sculptures, photographs and videos. A carpet. In every room, on every floor: Welcome to Aeroplastics’ Full House! The exhibition’s aim is not to retrace the history of the gallery’s activity over the last fifteen years, but to offer a snapshot that reflects the spirit of the place. This is not a portrait which, for that matter, would be quite an endeavour to achieve. So whom to call on? In addition to the close collaborators who help define Aeroplastics’ aesthetic, we must also count the very many of visual artists regularly invited for grand and festive exhibitions that explore the Comédie humaine in all its aspects: the transformation and limits of corporality, sex, individual and collective violence, the excesses of consumer society, socio-cultural stereotypes, conflict, the ecology, obsessions of all sort.

Until the 17th of May

AEROPLASTICS contemporary
32 rue Blanche, 1060 Brussels, Belgium

More info:

Full house


The Monography Series Award Contest

It has already been 4 years that BOZAR and NIKON have been organising photographic exhibitions at the Centre for Fine Arts. And once again they offer photographers a springboard towards greater fame. To that end, the Monography Series Award recognises the work of a Belgian photographer by staging an exhibition containing a representative selection of his or her oeuvres. If you think you are up for it you can send your portfolio to Rue Ravenstein – 1000 Brussels where it will be judged by an external jury (from May 1st until July 1st).
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Monography Series Award - Refugees in Blue Building, Brussels © Annemie Augustijns

Jannis Kounellis ‘Untitled’

Kounellis has been a major figure in contemporary art for over fifty years. The artist is often referred to as one of the forefathers of the Arte Povera movement – a movement that arose in the 1960s and played a central role in redefining artistic practices with radical and highly original sculptures, performances and installations. He is furthermore famous for his exposition with jute bags, coal and iron plates which are the central elements of his solo exhibition Untitled at Almine Rech Gallery. This historical work from 1968 is composed out of a big pile of coal which is fringed with filled jute bags and surrounded with iron plates. New thought this year: the iron plates have been revisited and some have now a hand painted canvas upon them. If you weren’t there when this exhibition was first shown, this is your chance! So don’t miss out!


From now until the 17th of April


Almine Rech Gallery

jannis kounellis

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