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Artist talk by Davydtchenko & Gnosis

Petr Davydtchenko and Astrid Gnosis were the first guests in the new residency program established by Hotel BLOOM! in collaboration with Harlan Levey Projects.

During a 2 month period Petr and Astrid worked on their project ‘DyingBreed’ that they have been developing over a course of one year. DyingBreed traveled through Europe with their so called ‘World Domination Tour’, performing in several galleries, music venues and festivals. On the 11th of December DyingBreed will host this years last performance at D/N/O Space (at Recyclart), Ursulinenstraat 25, 1000 Brussels starting at 20:00.

During the residency the couple collaborated with several visiting and local artists: Markus Rico, Victoria Rosa Florez-estrada, Jurgen Rogiers, Jérôme Porsperger and many more. Results of these collaborations as well as a broader overview of the DyingBreed project will be presented at the Penthouse Art Space on the 12th of December at 19:00.

Join us for a drink, meet the artists and dive into the world of DyingBreed.

Friday 12 December at 19:00

Hotel BLOOM! – Penthouse Art Space – 8th floor.
Koningsstraat 250 – Rue Royale, 1210 Brussels. Metro: Botanique.
Get your access pass at the reception of the hotel.

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Many shades of grey

We are accustomed to see the world in color. Our cameras always capture images in full color. But what if the world that we are used to seeing in color suddenly turned black and white like a black-and-white TV?  Imagine if a storyline was solely in monochrome, devoid of all colors and naked to the viewers… That’s the main theme of the photo exposition “Retrography”, which you can visit this month at the Halles de Saint Géry.


Eight talented photographers were presented with the central theme of “Retrography” to produce a collection of monochrome photographs. The simplistic use of 3 shades – black, white and grey – to tell a story makes it into a very unique expo. The photographs presented for this exhibition are a personal aesthetic choice from each photographer. After all, if images can contribute to telling a story, aesthetics can also serve as building blocks to string a story together. The exposition showcases the works of the following 8 photographers:

Atef Haikal
Andrea Cruz
Eva Szell
Giovanni Cao
Jacqueline Mills
Jochen Beck
Nikoletta Rácz
Ola Jeżowska-Minárik

Everybody’s welcome at the Opening Night on December 5th from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. The expo is open every day until December 27th. Location: Halles de Saint Géry, Place Géry 1, Brussels.

Plastic is fantastic!

The Plasticarium. Art & Design Atomium Museum, a museum entirely dedicated to plastic objects based on the collection of Philippe Decelle, will open in Brussels in December 2015. The Atomium has recently acquired the private collection of the Brussels Plasticarium.  The aim is to open the brand new museum in a part of the Trade Mart Brussels, a surface of 5000 m². The idea of the Plasticarium arose during a meeting between the Atomium and Philippe Decelle, who wished to integrate his collection as a whole in a Brussels museum project.

For this occasion the Atomium is hosting the exhibition “Orange Dreams. Plastic is fantastic (1960-1973)”, which gives a preview of the museum project Plasticarium. Art & Design Atomium Museum. “Orange Dreams” has been put together by Philippe Decelle, who is also the exhibition curator. He combines daily utility products and art objects in plastic. The exhibition contains 6 installations – 6 “orange dreams” that show a personal, poetic view on the consumption society of the 60s and 70s.

The Plasticarium collection is unique in the world. It’s the work of a truly passionate person. Over the years, Philippe Decelle has built up a collection of several thousands of pieces in plastic. From 1960 with the creation of the first furniture in plastic, until the petroleum crisis in 1973, with an extension to the post-pop period from 1987 until 2000. The objects come from everywhere. Not many Belgians are familiar with this collection, despite the fact that several big museums already have exposed pieces of it.

So now it’s your time to discover the fantastic world of plastic objects! You can do it until 25 May 2015 at the Atomium (Square de l’Atomium, Brussels). Find out more on the website.

Man in the Mirror

The Vanhaerents Art Collection is a family collection of contemporary art containing works from the 1970s until today. It offers the possibility to confront works from emerging young artists with those of more established artists by whom they were inspired. For the Collection’s third exhibition, entitled “Man in the Mirror”, founder and patron Walter Vanhaerents joined forces with Emma Dexter, who in recent years has curated widely acclaimed shows for ICA and Tate Modern.

man in the mirror

Set to run for a period of three years, the exhibition features a selection of over 40 largescale works from the Vanhaerents Art Collection. On display are paintings, sculptures and installations that incorporate mirrors or reflecting materials, as well as artworks that hold a mirror up to the audience, encouraging introspection, critical self-awareness and reflective thought.

With a nod to the eponymous comedy film from 1936 and Michael Jackson’s famous song, this thematic exhibition extends over three floors. Combining recently created artworks with seminal, historical exponents of arte povera, Conceptualism and Neo-Geo, it covers a wide array of topics such as time and space, matter and mind, and individual and collective identity. Concurrently, it raises intricate questions about art, society and the human body.

You can visit this expo until 28 October 2017 at the Vanhaerents Art Collection, 29 rue Anneessens, 1000 Brussels,


The Calling of Zachary Formwalt

Today’s financial markets are largely governed by algorithms. Within nanoseconds, they calculate the precise moment at which incomprehensible financial products are shot from one side of the world to the other. These transactions are based on speculation in the movement of prices via mathematical models rather than on the value of commodities. Today’s capital markets can’t be captured in an image.

It’s from this problem that the work of the Amsterdam-based American artist Zachary Formwalt (1979) departs. His photographs and video works deal with the invisible processes that shape the financial markets and how they influence our daily lives. Formwalt frequently refers to historical documents, persons and buildings or to reproduction methods that brought about socio-economic change and that heralded the birth of modern society. His works are exposed at D+T Gallery until 6 December.


Formwalt followed the reconstruction of Marinus van Reymerswaele’s The Calling of Matthew. Through this reconstruction, conservators attempted a partial restoration of the painting in order to make it more legible. “Working on the Cut” consists of two projections, which together form a square, like the painting itself. Parallel to the footage of the conservators at work, the artist attempts to reconstruct a fragmented image. He projects the images so that the frame of the videos corresponds with the edges of the panel sections. This results in an intriguing interplay centred on the reconstruction of the image. “Working on the Cut” deals with the problematic representation of an image that can be made visible only through a reconstruction.

You can visit this fascinating expo until 6 December, from Thursday to Sunday between 12:00-18:30 at the D+T Project Gallery, Bosquetstraat 4, Sint-Gillis. For more info, check out the website.

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