Culture Archive

24 Oct 2015
Hotel BLOOM! is excited to be hosting the 9th edition of Customisez-moi, a fashion contest invented by the eccentric Bernard Gavilan. After an online preselection on the basis of 10 customized pieces, the laureates’ creations will mingle on the same catwalk in... Read More
21 Oct 2015
Europalia is a major international arts festival held every two years in Brussels to celebrate one invited country’s cultural heritage. Since 1969, Europalia has organized some 24 festivals, each of which has turned the spotlight on one culture in a comprehensive program... Read More
19 Oct 2015
If October is the fashion month par excellence in Brussels, it’s partly thanks to Mode Parcours, an event organized by MAD Brussels (Mode And Design Center). With diversity as the main theme of this 15th edition of Mode Parcours, MAD expresses... Read More
13 Oct 2015
Women and men didn’t experience The Great War in the exact same way. Behind the traditional picture of the hardy soldier and the brave nurse is hiding a rather complex reality. The exhibition Gender@war highlights the porous boundaries between the war front and... Read More
12 Oct 2015
The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium and the Louvre Museum come together to present a unique and innovative project, called ” A Brief History of the Future”. The exhibition is an encounter between a book, “A Brief History of the Future”... Read More
9 Oct 2015
Since the late 1990s, Tina Gillen (°1972, born and raised in Luxemburg, living and working in Brussels) has been working as a painter. The subjects that are depicted in her paintings are usually reduced to their very essence. Gillen’s works present... Read More
6 Oct 2015
Save the date to discover a brand new exhibition organized by the ING Art Center: Pop Art in Belgium. This expo will plunge you into the pop movement, which took Europe by storm in the sixties and flooded the Belgian... Read More
3 Oct 2015
The biennial art nouveau event, from 3 to 25 October in Brussels, centers around the theme “From Art Nouveau to Art Déco” and enables the public to discover some of the city’s architectural gems from the inter-war years, many of... Read More
1 Oct 2015
This summer we had artists from England, Turkey and even Brazil passing by to make our hotel an even more beautiful and artistic place. Let’s start with Gamze Yalcin, a young women coming from Turkey and graduated at the Mimar... Read More
30 Sep 2015
For those who are too busy during the week to visit museums, or for those who just like to contemplate on pieces of art at nightfall, brace yourself, because the 15the edition of the ‘Brussels Museums Nocturnes’is happening now! Every... Read More
28 Sep 2015
From 17 October, the new Belfius Art Gallery on the 32nd floor of the Belfius Tower (Place Rogier, Brussels) will be accessible to the general public twice a month on Saturdays. Belfius Chairman Jos Clijsters announced this himself during the official inauguration... Read More
28 Sep 2015
If you are an architecture lover, you will definitely love to discover the architectural models of the most promising architects of the year. BOZAR offers you to find out which architects have been nominated for the 2015 Mies Van der... Read More
25 Sep 2015
This year, the Korean Cultural Centre in Brussels launches the first edition of the Korean Music Festival, in a unique collaboration with BOZAR. A diverse range of Korean music concerts will take place in Brussels as well as one concert... Read More
21 Sep 2015
Last week, Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders (MR) officially inaugurated the China Cultural Center in Brussels. This brand new cultural center is meant to be a showcase for Chinese culture, with expositions and courses. The Center opens with an... Read More
14 Sep 2015
How well can you really know a big city that you have lived and worked in for years? To answer this question, photographer Bram Penninckx decided to start exploring his own city, Brussels. “Brusselse scènes, Bruxelles en scène” is the result... Read More
13 Sep 2015
Oh yes, the bike is back! As a little rebel, the bike made his comeback and became the best friend of the city dweller. It is now part of everyday’s life in our cities. The bicycle became without doubt the statement... Read More
7 Sep 2015
From 16 September to 7 November, you can attend one of the many “Stoemp” concerts in a Brussels bar. Bluesband WB and the Mercenaries kicks off the festival at Merlo cafe (Baksteenkaai 80). This will be the 200th Stoemp concert ever,... Read More
31 Aug 2015
From the outset, the Brussels metro has been a proper underground museum. The inventive brains behind it wanted each station to be different in terms of identity, form and the nature of its finishing touches, with art as an overall... Read More
25 Aug 2015
You love theater, but French or Dutch aren’t your strongest points? Don’t worry, because the theater scene in Brussels is very broad with English theater options all over the city. We give you an overview! British, Irish and American societies In... Read More
20 Aug 2015
Ready to move your body?! For the 14th edition, the exotic festival of Fiesta Latina is taking place at la Bois de la Cambre! A real trip to the heart of Latin America with concerts, dancers, special decoration, Latin food... Read More
17 Aug 2015
Until 25 October, space lovers can check out “Gateway to space: the exhibition” at Paleis 2 of the Heizel in Brussels. You’ll discover the rich history of space travel by watching 100 objects from up close. At the end of... Read More
16 Aug 2015
Italy makes you think of sun, pizza, pasta, but also fashion. Until now Italy is one of the leading countries in fashion design. During this summer of fashion, BOZAR decided to go back to the history of Italian fashion, and show you... Read More