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23 Jul 2015
Brussels is the capital of the comic strip book with lots of musea, exhibitions, book stores, galleries and frescoes. The Smurfs are taking over New York, and Tintin is making his mark in Hollywood, so we definitely have a lot to... Read More
19 Jul 2015
It is summer; it is holiday’s time, but come on, don’t be lazy and go twist your brain at the temporary exhibition “Brain Twisters” at the Museum of Natural Sciences! This exhibition  will end the 30th of August. So hurry up,... Read More
18 Jul 2015
After a  successful exhibition in London, Pascale Marthine Tayou came to Brussels to show us his art works…and we are not disappointed! Born in Nkongsamba 1966, Pascale Marthine Tayou is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Ghent, Belgium... Read More
16 Jul 2015
Brussels is packed full of outdoor events, especially in summer. Outdoor apéros, garden parties, rooftop DJ sets,… There’s plenty of choice! We’ve listed some hot outdoor events for you, so that you can enjoy summer to the max! Bruxelles Les Bains... Read More
10 Jul 2015
Cinematek puts actress Julianne Moore in the spotlights this summer. In February this year, the classy redhead with the pale skin won the Academy Award for Best Actress in the drama Still Alice. In this movie, Moore plays a linguistics professor who is... Read More
8 Jul 2015
This summer, new works by some of the promising names from the Belgian art scene will be on display in the Center for Fine Arts BOZAR. Of the 250 dossiers submitted, an international jury selected 10 artists, all of whom work... Read More
6 Jul 2015
Paul Dujardin (52), CEO and artistic director of BOZAR , has returned from a royal mission to China. He brought a visit to the Chinese controversial artist Ai Weiwei, whose bail – it is rumored – might be lifted by the Chinese government. Dujardin... Read More
2 Jul 2015
In Brussels for a few days? Willing to discover the city off the beaten track through the eyes of a Brussels local ? Read on! Because the tourism association Autrement offers an alternative way to discover Brussels with a very original... Read More
1 Jul 2015
From the 2nd until the 10th of July the famous Kosmopolite Art Tour is back in the Belgian capital to invade the Brussels Canal Zone with a lot of street artists!     Three groups of artist: MACrew (Paris), Aerosol... Read More
29 Jun 2015
Couleur Café is a music festival dedicated to all currents of urban music across the world including r&b, hiphop, world, dubstep, afro, soul, reggae, ragga, dub, dancehall, reggaeton, latin, salsa, rock, electro,… This year’s edition will take place on 3,... Read More
24 Jun 2015
Thé place to be in the city during summer is without any doubt Bruxelles les Bains, located at Place Sainctelette. It’s the perfect spot to meet up with your family, friends or colleagues to have a drink, grab a bite, do... Read More
22 Jun 2015
The renowned British cartoonist Glen Baxter (nickname: Colonel) is exposing for the fourth time at Le Salon d’Art in Brussels, the former barber shop/art gallery of Jean Marchetti. On the program are his clear-cut drawings with a witty, often absurd sense of humor.... Read More
18 Jun 2015
Larry Fink is an American professional photographer (°1941), who has had one man shows at many museums in his home country, as well as the Musée de la Lausanne Photographie (Belgium) and the Musee de l’Elysée (Switzerland). He shows in... Read More
16 Jun 2015
From 24 to 28 June, the Brussels Elisabeth Park (Koekelberg) is welcoming the Plazey Festival, a vibrant mix of concerts, dance performances and movies. The festival’s program is cram-full of nice activities, all starring Brussels artists and spread over 4... Read More
1 Jun 2015
At the BELvue Museum in Brussels, you can visit a brand new expo featuring unique African masks that were used during the “mukanda” ritual (male circumcision) of the Yaka and the Suku, 2 Congolese tribes. It’s one of the last exhibitions at... Read More
27 May 2015
There’s an expo running in the corridor of the Botanique metro station. It’s a photo exhibition about the Brussels metro stations, in which local photographer Mikaël Van Eeckhoudt focuses on the architecture and design of the public transportation stations. He considers “Graaf... Read More
20 May 2015
The relationship between music and art is a very fascinating one. It’s the subject of a thematic exhibition currently running at D+T Project Gallery Brussels, including artistst whose practice spreads through a variety of media. “Sounds Like Music” brings together artists... Read More
18 May 2015
Street art has been gaining ground more or less everywhere for some years now. It first appeared as a political and anti-establishment protest in the streets of New York in the seventies. Nowadays, it’s welcomed into galleries and museums, where... Read More
11 May 2015
For the third year in a row and in the context of ART BRUSSELS, the Atomium organizes ARTVIEW#3, an exhibition on contemporary art. During the 2 previous #ARTVIEW editions, the Atomium presented the works from art collector Galila (2013) and from... Read More
6 May 2015
In the Saint-Gilles swimming pool there are 20 portraits of people with a swimming cap. The work is called “La Montée des Eaux”. The artist, Saint-Gilles resident Fabienne Cresens, wants to illustrate what climate change means for humanity. The community... Read More
4 May 2015
From 28 to 31 May, the second edition of the Flashbackfestival (previously called “Retrorama”) takes place in Palace 5 and 10 of the Brussels Heizel. It’s one of the biggest retro and vintage markets in Europe, with items from the... Read More
29 Apr 2015
3D Printing is widely used these days in schools, offices, hospitals and houses, and it’s likely to be critical in the next decades. The groundbreaking manufacturing technology has also conquered BOZAR. From 24 April to 7 June, the Brussels Center for... Read More