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28 Jan 2015
Emilio López-Menchero is a Belgian and Spanish artist living and working in Brussels, who likes to raise the issue of the identity of the “artist” in our society. In most cases he starts from a well-known icon of literature, music, film... Read More
26 Jan 2015
 On Saturday 7 March, Brussels’ museums are definitely the place to be! For the occasion of the 8th Museum Night Fever, the annual big night out in the city’s museums, about 23 museums will be showing off the best they have... Read More
21 Jan 2015
In 1996 Will Ramsay opened Will’s Art Warehouse in southwest London to bridge the increasing interest in contemporary art and the London gallery scene. By concentrating on relatively unknown artists not carrying a premium for reputation, the gallery was able... Read More
19 Jan 2015
Every year, Design Vlaanderen awards the Henry van de Velde Awards & Labels, which focus public attention on local design. The Henry van de Velde Awards are cash prizes for designers and companies: one prize recognizes a career, while another aims... Read More
12 Jan 2015
The Brussels Winter Jazz Festival is no more, but out of its sizzling ashes were born two distinct jazz festivals in the city. Flagey is organizing the first edition of its Brussels Jazz Festival from 13 to 23 January 2015. The River Jazz... Read More
8 Jan 2015
What happened before we got involved in problematic things like civilization, religion and nationhood? In her conceptual album “Medúlla”, Icelandic artist Björk returns to a pagan universe that is entirely human. Björk’s composition for a cappella voices explores a huge... Read More
6 Jan 2015
Conceived by the French artist Pierre Leguillon, “The Museum of Mistakes: Contemporary Art and Class Struggle” brings together works that he has created over the last 15 years out of reproduced images. These are taylor-made displays that bring together photographs, film extracts, advertisements,... Read More
5 Jan 2015
BOZAR Cinema exists ten years in 2015! They celebrate this anniversary with four days of festivities: the Bozar Cinema Days from 8 to 11 January. The opening film is “Turist”, a black comedy by Ruben Östlund. In “The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq”, Guillaume Nicloux... Read More
31 Dec 2014
Vrak creates unique accessories that have a clear link with Brussels. The art collective consists of 6 “Brusseleirs” who are very passionate about their city. One of them is lawyer Florent, who is a tourist guide in Brussels in his free time. He... Read More
29 Dec 2014
  Hotel BLOOM! & Harlan Levey Projects Gallery present: Penthouse Art Space Residency Program In response to cultural budget cuts and the effects of the financial crisis on artistic production around the world, Hotel BLOOM! and Harlan Levey Projects Gallery... Read More
29 Dec 2014
On 17 January 2014, Afropean+ takes place at BOZAR. Along the lines of the artist Pitcho Womba Konga’s “Congolisation” project, this event highlights the added value of the African diaspora in the European cultural landscape. Taking place within the context... Read More
26 Dec 2014
In “Continuum of Repair: the Light of Jacob’s Ladder”, you can encounter a warmy lit cabinet of curiosities in the middle of a former library at BOZAR Brussels. A vast mirror reflects a beam of light, transforming it into rungs of a... Read More
23 Dec 2014
From 26 to 31 December, the 10th edition of the Be Film Festival takes place at Bozar. You can read all about it in this blog. It’s in this context that you can visit the photo expo “En train de”,... Read More
19 Dec 2014
Once a year, since 2005, Brussels hosts the Be Film Festival and invites some of the leading lights of Belgian cinema. Belgians and tourists alike traditionally come to be part of this festive cinematic experience. This year, from 26 to... Read More
17 Dec 2014
Until 4 January 2015, the Botanique Museum is hosting a gallery of drawings dedicated to the unique universe of the Belgian visual artist Hans Op de Beeck. In a muted setting conceived by the artist, the exhibition presents a series of drawings... Read More
16 Dec 2014
2015 is coming closer and closer, so you might wanna start planning your cultural agenda. Fact is that Brussels has an enormous variety of cultural events: exhibitions, performances, concerts, festivals, cultural events and many many more. But the good news... Read More
11 Dec 2014
This year we celebrated the 200th birthday of the great Belgian Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone, who was born on 6 November 1814 in Dinant. This exceptional anniversary was the pretext for an equally exceptional exhibition at the Brussels Musical Instruments Museum. The fourth floor... Read More
10 Dec 2014
Sinterklaas only just left our country, and it’s already time to start thinking about the next shopping spree for gifts… Christmas is arriving! The christmas tree needs to be decorated and accompanied by as much presents as possible… Do you also... Read More
8 Dec 2014
Until 12 December, you can go to the 14th Mediterranean Film Festival of Brussels, known as the “Med”, which takes places at the Botanique every year. Besides a jury that has the delicate task of ranking films in an official competition, the... Read More
5 Dec 2014
Petr Davydtchenko and Astrid Gnosis were the first guests in the new residency program established by Hotel BLOOM! in collaboration with Harlan Levey Projects. During a 2 month period Petr and Astrid worked on their project ‘DyingBreed’ that they have... Read More
4 Dec 2014
We are accustomed to see the world in color. Our cameras always capture images in full color. But what if the world that we are used to seeing in color suddenly turned black and white like a black-and-white TV?  Imagine... Read More
3 Dec 2014
The Plasticarium. Art & Design Atomium Museum, a museum entirely dedicated to plastic objects based on the collection of Philippe Decelle, will open in Brussels in December 2015. The Atomium has recently acquired the private collection of the Brussels Plasticarium. ... Read More